Air Yordan, flying solo

1) Equal opportunity damage: all fields power

Yordan may be a power LHB, but his hit profile is that of early Altuve: in the immortal words of Mark DeRosa he “doesn’t cheat to anything”, adapting his crushing blow to the location of the pitch thrown to him.

2) Hard or close to it: an optimized contact profile

One of the issues with the new way of hitting, as in meeting the ball out front instead of letting it get on the way of a good swing, is that, when you get too much in front, abysmal contact ensues as in slow grounders and drowzy popups.

3) A true Astro: no hitting luck

Well, here we go again! Along with the other LHB young phenom in Houston, notorious unlucky starter Kyle Tucker, Yordan is also having a tough time with the BABIP gods: in the top 10 slug table only Adames has a lower one, and Yordan’s .229 is 70 points behind league average and 140(!) trailing the fortunes of Cron.



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Alessandro Zilio

Alessandro Zilio


Italian baseball stathead. I’ll write about MLB, Nippon Professional Baseball and Korean dramas/shows. A lot of graphs, Astros related content and references.