April’s fools in Houston

- It is, it should, and it’s better than expected: Jeremy Peña

For all the fanfare about Correa’s departure, his odd signing with the Twins and a 7 WAR hole left to fill in the Astros roster, fans of Houston have yet again been spoiled by a home-grown talent who’s been arguably the best rookie in the AL, if not MLB, so far: what an introduction, Jeremy Peña!

- It isn’t but it should: an elite lineup

What started out on a bad note in this first almost-month has been an offense that is far from the juggernaut fans were accustomed to: with few new faces and a lot of well known quantities the Astros 1-9 was poised to be a top 5, even top 3 lineup in all of baseball and…well scratch that!

- It is but it shouldn’t: a carrying pitching staff

For a lineup that struggled to put runs on the board, Astros pitching did a damn good job at not allowing opponents to get too far ahead, and that was not that easy of a task considering a rotation full of question marks and an unspectacular bullpen.



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Alessandro Zilio

Alessandro Zilio

Italian baseball stathead. I’ll write about MLB, Nippon Professional Baseball and Korean dramas/shows. A lot of graphs, Astros related content and references.