Chronicles of a lost month

Alessandro Zilio
3 min readJul 17, 2022


Long time no see!

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote something and for the few of you asking whether I’m still alive, here I am, still kicking although not at my best.

It’s been a tale of two issues: first, I simply had a hard time finding anything to write about, either on the baseball or the KDrama side of things, and honestly I’d rather not write at all than spew out complete nonsense just for the sake of it. Second, I had the displeasure of having to visit the hospital for the first time in years.

A couple of weeks ago I finally had a surgery I was supposed to have done in 2020 but you know, COVID put everything on a lengthy rain delay. It was not that big of an operation: due to a polyp that could have become something serious in the future they had to remove my gallbladder, which is a small non-vital organ helping with digestion as far as I know.

Problem is I had a hell of a time for a week: due to the surgery I couldn’t eat a thing apart from liquids and having four holes in my abdomen due to the laparoscopy I couldn’t put myself in the position to have a decent sleep, so I lost a bit of weight, good, a bit of muscle, bad, and a ton of energy, worse.

Now I’m almost as good as I’ve ever been: I can eat what I always did, albeit having to change my diet for that short period of time made me realize my tastes have also changed and lo and behold, I’m eating far healthier, a blessing in disguise. I still can’t exercise until the end of July though, and boy I can feel the lack of work in my limbs, dangling like they were made of jelly.

I also found the will to write again, although topics are lacking: in these two months I watched 20+ KDramas between old and on-air ones and not a single one deserved more than 7.5, not enough to compile a review about, so I had to go back and rewatch one of my all time favorites I still hadn’t talked about, therefore you can look out for another K-List issue in the near future.

Baseball has also been lackluster, in a good sense though: turns out the Houston Astros are just so damn good! Pitching has been fire all season long, bats come and go, injuries lately not helping at all, but they racked up enough run differential to be close to 60 wins before the All-Star break, a comfy 11 game lead in the AL West…what am I supposed to say that is not “the guys are rocking”?!

Sure, not everyone in the Astros roster has been his usual self: I had an article almost ready to explain Alex Bregman’s hideous start of the season, caused by a career low SweetSpot% and a career high avg LA on fastballs, but just when I was writing it he started to turn things around and in the last month he’s back in the .350 wOBA land so he gone. Yuli Gurriel may deserve an article though he’s 39, BABIP dependent and honestly he won’t change much.

What I realized as I was laying in my hospital bed is that, even with a lot of time and nothing to do, I lacked the attention to read something longer than a FanGraphs article or heck, even a tweet.

That made me think about my own concoctions, as in my blog articles: they are averaging almost 9 minutes of due reading time, which is far too much even for the strongest baseball and/or KDrama aficionados. In that sense, here is my plan for the future: I’ll keep on writing but with a different M.O, shorter time from article to article but also shorter articles, in the 4–5 minute range as to be easier to read when one has some spare time.

Shorter reviews and Trade Deadline specials are coming, just wait for a bit!

All is good and well, I’m still enjoying baseball and Korean dramas a lot and I’m ready to be back here, writing all about it. It’s been a long time indeed, but I haven’t made my last out yet!



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