Grounding out, a Framber Valdez story

Eno Sarris’ latest Valdez tweet : Puig = Me : Eduardo Rodriguez
Framber Valdez 2020 BIP, optimal k
Framber Valdez 2020 BIP, cluster related averages
  • 2 is similar, just less overswung, these are my grounders;
  • 3 was a no-brainer, high avgEV and avgLA near 0, these are hard liners;
  • 4 was the trickiest, as those balls are not hit hard yet at a decent angle and with an avgDist that goes beyond the infield but not far to the outfield, what I would call bloops;
  • 5 is just a powered-up version of 2, so hard grounders;
  • 6 is the “close but no cigar” area, lacking some EV and with a little too much LA, those fall in the warning tracks;
  • 7 is where the damage happens, with long bombs and extra-base hits galore, the scary barrel zone;
  • 8 is a worse rendition of 1, so tappers.
Framber Valdez 2020 BIP, labeled cluster averages
Framber Valdez 2020 BIP, fvizcluster function
Framber Valdez 2020 BIP, cluster to AB outcome table
Framber Valdez 2020 clustered BIP, ggplot function



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Alessandro Zilio

Alessandro Zilio

Italian baseball stathead. I’ll write about MLB, Nippon Professional Baseball and Korean dramas/shows. A lot of graphs, Astros related content and references.