The K-List #15: Lost

  • Eps: 16
  • Runtime: 1.15 hr
  • Leads: Jeon Do Yeon, Ryu Jun Yeol
  • Storyline: a writer in her 40s that had her work stolen with her marriage on the brink and a man-for-hire, impersonating whoever the client wants for money, have a life-changing meeting in dire circumstances.


  • Being human


  • A steep mountain

Score: 9/10

Lost is a gem of a drama, an essay about life, searching its meaning in the daily hardships of two anonymous individuals. There’s so much to like and so many emotions to experience, cheering for our ML and FL to move even a mere inch in the direction of a more complete, meaningful existence, that it almost becomes a self-reflection.



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Alessandro Zilio

Alessandro Zilio


Italian baseball stathead. I’ll write about MLB, Nippon Professional Baseball and Korean dramas/shows. A lot of graphs, Astros related content and references.